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I have had the utmost good fortune to have inherited a wealth of creativeness from both sides of my parents families. Musical and Artistic ability from my mothers side and Artistic ability and interest in business and accounts from my fathers side

Every single one of my Aunts and Uncles have had a profound influence on my life in one way or another even though we have physically been very far apart. They have taught me a lot without even realising. Each one of them has given me the most special thing of all, a part of themselves and their time. No matter how short a time that may have been it was given unreservedly and I truly valued it.

This site is dedicated to these people who have influenced me both directly and indirectly and to those who believed in me creatively and gave me the courage to believe in myself.

 My hilarious best friend, inspiration and partner in ‘practical joke’ crime KW, my talented, very funny and creative uncle Gordon, my very funny uncle George, my creative and musical aunts Carol, Cecilia and Elaine and sister Jenny, my creative and musical children Vernon, Michael and Trevor, my creative business minded brother Rob and his very funny wife Robynne, my mother who gave me my creative and artistic talent and my fathers interest in business and accounts my aunts Bev and Treasure both very interesting strong remarkable women that I would have liked to have spent more time with.

I am so proud of all of my cousins and children, nieces and nephews who have all inherited the talents of their exceptional parents in double doses and their lovely personalities.

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Matching Embroidery Service available.

Towels, Cushions,Serviette Monograms etc.

Other designs for Machine embroidery can be viewed at my sister site.


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